My name is Mariola, the founder of Royal Baby US. I’m a professional tailor who specializes in clothing for women and children and has graduated from the Institute of Fashion Design in Poland.

My journey as a tailor started long time ago, when I was a young girl. It has always been my family tradition. As a young girl I practiced sewing dresses for my dolls. When I was 10 years old, my friend offered me to practice with sewing machine, and that is when I fell in love with sewing! My very first creation was when I was 14 years old- I sewed my own pants!

After graduation from high school, I went to sewing trade school called Institute of Fashion Design, mentioned earlier. I have been sewing and designing for over forty years now, and it has been my passion. I love what I do, and it brings me great joy to see, when others enjoy my products.

Why Royal Baby US

One day around Christmas time, I was at the store looking for gifts for my children. There were several children there along with their parents, choosing their gifts. One of them caught my attention. It was a little girl, that couldn’t really find anything that she liked. She was very sad about it, and just kept on looking. Her mother told her: “I am so sorry there is nothing here for my little princess”. And then her father said: “Don’t worry! We will look online and we will find a royal gift for a princess like you.” As I was standing next to them, and listening to their conversation, and I chimed in, and told the little girl, not to worry, that she will find her precious gift. She smiled back at me.

This just brought such a joy in my heart, to see that little girl’s smile. I have previously been thinking and looking for business ideas that will make children smile and happy. That day, the little girl gave me idea- to make something, that will make children feel like royalties. Although both of my sons are adults now, they are till my princes. All parents want their children to be like princesses or princes. I always keep that in mind when designing new products.

The name Royal Baby US was addressed to all children around the world. My works are handmade with appropriate materials that are safe for children. Each project is given special care so that they will appear as royal children with smiling and happy faces. It is my desire to provide you with an exceptional online shopping experience.